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Some what of a personal log. Here I will post about our more recent sessions. What we did. What we've learned. Set goals and such. Just a little motivation for us.
8/28/03-Special Session #1_____________________________________
OK I am sure that you've ridden or atleast seen a scooter once before in your life. Those things are small and dangerous. Me, Sal, and Norb were fuckin' around with it on the hills of Forest park by Norb's house since it was his birthday (Happy Birthday man!) Well Norb took my turn and started going down the hill with the scooter, I ran over to him and jumped on the scooter and rode with him for like 2 feet. We figured it could actualy work with two people on there (Bright idea huh?). So we get to the top of this hill and launch off it together. I tell Norb to lean foward since I was losing my footing so we both leaned foward, making us go about 20 times more faster. Our other bright idea was on how to stop. Since the breaks were fucked up and you had to use your foot we couldn't access it properly so the plan was for me to jump off, and jump off I did when Norb gave the signal. Bad idea. This thing was going extreamly fast, so I took about 5 mini-run steps before my feet gave way and my knee hit the ground. But because of the sheer speed and adrenaline I sorta bounced and took advantage of the moment. I dug my hands into Norb's back and swung my feet around into cess position. That's right, for quite some time down that hill all you could here was my plates scrapping against the ground in an extreamly long cess slide. The shoe's actually sorta saved my skin. If I hadn't been able to cess I might have broken my ankle from the speed or cut myself up even worse than a cut/burned knee. It was funny as hell and we will attempt to recreate it (Minus any injury) with a longer cess slide on tape soon. For now check out the aftermath in the Misc. pictures section.
Today we sessioned in my backyard minature soap-park, Nearby parks, and Church rail. It was me Sal,Marcin, and Rachel. Marcin's been with us for a while but never got some footage and Rachel just got a pair of Broadsides (Thats right size 5). We got some nice footage and plan on getting it up soon. I'll update this as soon as I get the clips up.
It's been a while. Me and Sal both got sponsored by Soap shoes and are on Team Soap so we waited for our shoes to come in. They came in today. The day got off to an ok start. We got outa school and got us some meats-on-a-stick then headed to the mall for some Gyros. Rain hit and we could'nt go to Church rail as first planned so we headed home. On a hunch since Soap's said they sent the shoes on Thrusday I called Sal's house before he got home and his mom comfirmed what I had thought from the start. The shoes came in. Today just so happens to be the one day my mom decides not to come in early so we miss the UPS man. I am determined to get a session out with the new shoes on the next day (Saturday) So i quickly called UPS and they said I could schedule a pick up! My mom and dad both say where I wanna go is a bad neighborhood so Sal offers to drive me It is now 6:40 PM. UPS's bad directions and the bad directions of many other people set us about an hour back on the road. We finally got some good directions from some Taxi drivers and we are on our way. We get onto the Belt parkway and have to head to Rockaway parkway(Exit 13). We get off on exit 13 and realize that we had to make another turn to get onto Rockaway parkway after the original exit so we end up back onto the Belt parkway. We drive for a while and finally hit a bridge, We know we're lost now. The toll is 1.75 so I handed Sal a $5 to pay the toll. He hands the $5 over to the teller and we begin to ask him for directions. This guy tells us to just keep going straight but he dosnt seem to be in his right mind at the moment. He hands Sal back the change and get it from him. To my surprise the guy thought I gave him a $20 and handed us back $18.25. God bless those new looking $5 bills and incompotent tellers. We continue to drive and I end up calling 411 for directions but the guy flipped on a computer voice after he figured otu he couldn't help us so I hung up on him in anger. We stopped some people coming out of a driveway for directions and he sorta sets us back on track. We end up driving over to Beach Channel which is basically the other side of where we're suppose to be. We decided to ask for directions one last time and asked this guy filling up his car at the pump. He seemed to know exactly where we had to go and decided he would lead us there. So we followed his car. At first we kept calling him Paul (To each other) and was trying to figure out if he would take us to some dark ally somewhere for some "fun". But he turned out to be a great guy and his name was actually Alan. One more bad thing happened before we entered UPS. You have to double park out side the place and then go inside so Sal proceded to do so but some idiotic driver decides not to look into her rear view mirrors and hits the drivers side door of Sal's car. No damage of any kind but we have to back up. While backing up we hear the horn of a mad man which was in the form of a Speeding garbage truck. Sal's quick thinking and good driving skill's got us to drive back where we got the car accident literally right before we got hit by the truck. An extreamly close call. So I got my shoes and we sessioned the next day... We left my house at 6:40PM... I got home at 10:01 PM... The new shoes are performing great by the way!
More mini-sessions. Me and Sal are going over to forrest park today to get some nice cess footage while the snow is still nice and icey, Look out for short clips of us busting our ass's and having a good time.
UPDATE: Ok bunch of goods and bads. First off: No footage because Sal so thoughtfully forgot the camcroder twice in a row ::sigh:: and the second time we went it was a bit wet and slushy, still did ok though. Me and Sal cessed very nicely, too bad theres no footage >_< Also we went back today (2/11/03) but it was all gone and melted, Mr.G weather however beleives it to snow on wednesday, Lets hope so.
Not a bad session today. It was short but worth it, Sal got the cheesegrater on call and we plan on grinding at the same place again tomorrow,which is a park by our school with great benchs and ledges.
Ah, One week later. Let's get this right this time! It's going to be just me and Sal this time tearing it up at Beach Channel. Let's hope this goes well what with the freezing weather. I'll update to ya later.
UPDATE: Well I can't say it was the best session but it was allright. It had it's ups and downs. We got there at a good time and were not too much on a time schedule. We couldn't get some good footage (Which was a downer) because Sal's camcorder crapped out on us again. But we got a lot of good personal gain by grinding for long ammounts of time on the Beach Channel main rail. It was getting cold but when we took the Q53 back home the guy was nice enough to let us off on a closer stop than the stop the bus was suppose to go to. All and all it was ok, But not what I wanted, We plan to session there again soon.
Ok. Today is Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday :P Tomorrow will be the session, I'll update how things will go. As of now its going to be Me (Dario) Sal and our newest aprentace John Morales. The goal for this session is to get both footage for Discontinued and my new heely's/Soap vid (Yes with grail's) "Cultural Diffusion". We want to learn new tricks and the spot we chose to hit up is Beach Channel, So expect an update tomorrow on how it all went down.
UPDATE: Man talk about disaster! It's always the most well planned out sessions that get fucked up. First of all the weather was COLD. Sal and John had time limits (As usual), To make the time limits worse, The trains were all fucked up, and to top it all off, Sal's camcorder battery was over charged so it took a nap and wouldn't work. We missed a few good grinds from me and Sal and 2 spectacular looking falls from John. Hopefully the weather will be better for next weeks session.
This session went great. We met up with another NYCS member, Anthony Boccia. We got some great shots and learned/bettered tricks. A great success, Can't wait till the next session. Check the pictures area to see new pictures, Taken from this session.