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Bios-Dario F Nieva

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Name: Dario F Nieva
Age: 21
D.O.B.: April,27th,1986
SOAP Shoes owned: Dragonfly Sylons,2 pairs of Red Scortchers,Green Broadsides, Graphite Cleans
Other Grind shoes owned: Bizo Hardware 
Tricks: Frontside,Backside,UFO,Dragqueen,Royale,Power slide,Power glide,Fastslide,Backslide,Mizo,Mistrial,Soul,Access-A-Ride,Rocket Makio,Farfegnugen,Acid,Cabdriver.

Hi, I am Dario, I started the NYCS. I maintain the site. So keep on checking out the site and keep on soaping!

-=Contact me on the net at Wesker2236@AOL.Com=-


It's a crappy camera so we couldn't get my whole body in there... More pictures to come :D