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The Canada Conspiracy
Past Articles


[On Alert] March,1st,2003/ I am still alive.
Sorry for not updating much but a lot has been going on here at the office. I had to lay low for a little while ever since the heat I got from that Tripod post. An informant told me that after they read my post about the website and Tripods envolvement Tripod's Terms Of Service went down. No doubtingly updating it to cover up as I did warn to read those TOS more carefully. I have not gotten a lot of visitors to this site and the whole point was to get the truth out to the public. So feel free to spread the truth out to the public. I will be getting an email address up soon that you can use to send me information that you know of on "Canada". I will be updating later this month with information I have found in the past months that wasn't safe enough for me to show yet. Until then stay safe.