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The Canada Conspiracy
Past Articles


Past Articles

Past Articles

[Confused] October,12th,2002/ Threat?
Well. It seem's I've gotten a response from the Tripod post.
An intrest of mine is something called Soaping. It's where I "grind" (Slide on handrails,ledges,curbs,benchs, anything smooth basically) kinda like rollerblades.
Well anyway, I get this email from some one with the email addy. This at first gets me alarmed. The person is apparantly from Montreal and at Concordia University. He's a third year marketing major and the project he is doing involves creating an ad campaign for Soap shoes (The makers of the special shoes that I use to "grind" with.)
He asked me a bunch of questions about them and I replied with the information. I wanna ride this out and see where it takes me.
More on this as he continues to reply. Edit

[Evidence] October,12th,2002/ Currency

Here is an interesting find.
On the back of a Canadian 2 dollar bill is a building with the American flag on it, Not the Canadian Flag...Hmmm.... Raise's more suspicions of the governments envolvement.
More on this as evidence unfolds.

[Evidence] October,7th,2002/ Canada
Ok here is some more evidence I have compiled from my findings and research.
-Nothing comes from Canada.... Nothing.
-No real language, They speak English and French. No one does that!
-No real good form of government. No King or President "Yawn".
-You'll never learn about Canada in school and if you do it wont be on any tests that count for anything.
More evidence as it becomes available. Edit

[Suspect] October,6th,2002/ Tripod
Apparantly Tripod advertises the website I don't think Tripod is oblivious to the obvious so I'd read those Terms of service pages a bit more carefully. Trust no one...Except me... Trust me....

[First Post] October,2nd,2002/ Site opened.
Welcome to the site. You have either stumbled here by accident or is also, Searching for the truth. I have been many places and seen many things. Much that can endanger my life to speak of. But this is something I must share with the world. The truth about... Canada...
Every so often I will post more and more information and evidence of the myth that is Canada. You might be shocked or even amazed at my findings, But thats just the way it is. You don't have to beleive me or visit here. But consider my evidence and the truth. If this site suddenly shuts down or I never post, It's because they got to me...