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3/27/03- Work has been ceased on all projects except "Urban Vandal". A friend of mine is actualy paying me to finish it so expect it to come out in mid-April. Check out the updated game's page for more information.
3/11/03- Ok SAGE people I've uploaded a new trailer for my sonic game "Tripple Threat" Which can be found in the downloads section.
There are some bugs in it and I have not added any transparencys(See throughable glass) and fades. Enjoy.
11/8/02- "Urban Vandal" Demo Ver.2 coming soon. I am adding a balancing bar to make the game just a bit better. Also added "Stretch" from the Quarntined crew (Soapers,FSWers) To make some sprites. Also, Check out the Quarntined Crew.
10/5/02-Added a little side project of mine called "Urban Vandal" It's a game involving Soap shoes. Check it out in the D/L's section :)
-Sorry no Mac Version-
8/26/02-Welcome to the site.
Here you will find games made by Dario Interactive.
Please contact me with anything at
Or AIM-SonicVex2

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