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Dario Interactive


Fill out the form below to give me any comments or suggestions for the game(s)!
If your idea is used then your name will be added into the credits!
Currently the game(s) of our attention is
 BetaMan 2000: Special Edition, Check out Demo 6!
 Urban Vandal, Demo Ver 2.0 coming soon!

In BetaMan 2000:Special Edition, You play as BetaMan (Later on you get the choice of another character, His sidekick Betagirl!) the protector of the innocent. Recently many villians are popping up and its taking more than the police to handle. The first in a 5 part saga. You ride motorcycles, Fly with jetpacks, and blast away enemys.
Status: 25% done


In the game Urban Vandal you start out as a free style walker who has currently invested in a pair of "Soap shoes" (Check out for more info on Soap shoes, Aswell as my team site )

Status: 10% done


Right now what I have is the actual grind engine. I am going to try and add a balancing bar. This game is basically a 2D Tony Hawk's Pro Skater only with Soap shoes. As of now I am not sure if I am going to send out two different versions. One being the original game which has set missions and characters and some-what of a story, and the second being a "tour" edition where it features actual soap teams and footage. Any feedback and suggestions will be greatly apreciated. Soon I will re-upload demo ver 1 and shortly after that demo ver 2. I am trying to get this game done by mid-April but with your help it could get done faster!

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